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Paint is all about choosing the right color. When applying it to a building, a residential or commercial painter will know what kinds of colors match. Having this knowledge will prevent him or her from creating something that clashes or is garish (unless, of course, you want something along those lines).

When painting, it may help to be familiar with color theory. This holds that there are three primary colors (blue, yellow, and red), and three secondary (green, yellow, and purple). The secondary colors are combinations of the primaries. A secondary color is the opposite of the primary that is not included in its composition (for example, green is a mix of primaries yellow and blue, which makes it the opposite of red).

There’s a lot more to color than just that, which is why your residential or commercial painter may be able to offer a color consultation. If you’re looking for quality Santa Rosa commercial painter, contact us at Refined Painting and Decorating.


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